Join us at our Spring 2024 INCH360 Cyber Trainings!


Experience the future of cybersecurity at INCH360's dynamic events. Join us for inspiring conferences, training sessions, and networking opportunities. Stay informed and connected in the cybersecurity community!

INCH360 Annual 2024 Conference - 8:30a Wednesday, October 2nd 2024 - Spokane

The event this year is moving to a full day event that will include National Speakers, panel discussions, technical discussions and vendors. Attendance at the event will qualify for 6 CPE credits. We encourage technology and cybersecurity professionals to attend including - students, early stage professionals and seasoned professionals. The conference is FREE but pre-registration for the conference is required and admission is limited.

This year’s topics include: 

  • Future of Cybersecurity: Explore emerging trends, technologies, and challenges that will shape the future of cybersecurity.
  • AI and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity: Examine how artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming cybersecurity, from threat detection to automated response.
  • Cyber Resilience and Incident Response: Focus on strategies to enhance cyber resilience and effective incident response in the face of evolving threats.
  • Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting: Highlight the importance of threat intelligence sharing and proactive threat hunting techniques.
  • Cloud Security and DevSecOps: Address security considerations in cloud computing environments and the integration of security into the DevOps lifecycle.
  • Cybersecurity Governance and Risk Management: Focus on effective governance structures, risk assessment methodologies, and compliance frameworks.


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