Join us at our Spring 2024 INCH360 Cyber Trainings!


Experience the future of cybersecurity at INCH360's dynamic events. Join us for inspiring conferences, training sessions, and networking opportunities. Stay informed and connected in the cybersecurity community!

INCH360 2nd Annual Cyber Conference: Dec 6th 2023

The Annual Inland Northwest Cyber Conference will be December 6th, 2023, at Gonzaga University Hemmingson Center from 12:30 pm to 5 pm. There wIll be several panels and talks focused on Cybersecurity Trends and Topics including: Cloud Security, Security Awareness Training, IoT Device Security, Lessons learned from a Breach, Info on the Annual regional Hackathon, and how to work with and choose outside cyber vendors. Community resources and Vendor Tables with Cyber information and offerings will be available.

This is a time to connect, share information and learn from local cyber experts. The event is Free but we require a pre registration ticket to attend. We encourage IT professionals to attend including - students, early stage professionals and seasoned professionals.

Cyber Training - 4 pm March 20th - Burbity - Spokane Valley

Exploiting Enterprise Security Equipment: A view from the other side with Shawn Hafen, CISSP, OSCP, cybersecurity manager, STCU.

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Cyber Training - 4 pm April 25th 2024 - Burbity - Spokane Valley

What’s Lurking in Your Software Supply Chain? Bryan Yamanaka

Cyber Training - 4 pm May 23rd - Burbity - Spokane Valley

Pen Testing with Casey Davis.