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INCH360 Mission

A regional industry group focused on connecting cybersecurity and compliance professionals of all levels. The group will promote education, collaboration, and communication about resources, regional companies, and jobs.

Connect with other Cybersecurity Professionals

INCH360 stands as the growing community likeminded cyber and compliance professionals. We are more than just a community group; we are a dynamic force uniting professionals of all levels who share a passion for cybersecurity excellence. Our mission is clear: to promote education, collaboration, and communication among cybersecurity and compliance professionals in the Pacific Northwest.

At INCH360, we understand the diverse needs of our comm... Learn More

Learn about Cutting Edge Trends in the Industry

INCH360 is a group of cybersecurity and compliance experts who feel compelled to continue the work of several earlier education groups. Founded in 2023 to create an inclusive community for students, early professionals and seasoned professionals. Our approach emphasizes inclusivity, hands-on experience, and a commitment to community-building. We encourage collaboration and support for other community groups in Eastern Washington and North Id... Learn More

Hands on Learning that will help you in your career

Cybersecurity and compliance areas are changing very quickly. If you went to school just a few years ago - your experience might already be out of date. Stay current on the latest trends and how you can know what to do when.  

Learning through experience is an ideal way to solidify your learning and better understand the concepts behind secure coding, firewall installation, DMARC and DKIM settings, and how to best train other employees. 

Quotes from the Community

Brant Borchert - Multicare

Cybersecurity is a team sport, and we can only win together. INCH360 provides the forum for Spokane area thought leaders and practitioners to come together with subject matter experts to educate each other, share ideas, and build relationships to strengthen the cybersecurity of the community.

Nov 21, 2023
Heather Stratford - Drip7

Our mission at INCH360 is to create a space where cybersecurity and compliance professionals of all levels can come together to share knowledge, collaborate, and communicate about resources, regional companies, and job opportunities," said Heather Stratford, Founder of Drip7 and co-founder of INCH360.

Nov 21, 2023
Deborah Wells - BECU

We cannot fight the cyber adversaries alone. As a profession we must lock arms with each other to really get a handle on the attacks, attackers, and their tactics, techniques, and procedures. Not to mention, with a group effort, I believe that everyone can benefit. That is why an organization like INCH360 can help build bridges and great relationships.

Nov 21, 2023
Peter Gregory

Cybertraps Podcast 

INCH360 Conversation - with Peter Gregory

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